6's Spiffy All-giFT Query Tool

Short Description
This program will go on the All-Music Guide or on FreeDB to look up the track lists for albums you want to download, then automatically place queue requests for all songs on the given album with giFT. This program does not make any actual downloads itself and requires the giFT daemon to be running for it to operate correctly.

Current Status (September 5th, 2002)
Alright, a recent discussion I had in E-mail has caused me to come to the realization that there's still some interest in this program, so I should make a few things clear:

That is all.

Things I Won't Do
I've made a page with some discussion of some popular suggestions that I've already made up my mind I'll never personally implement, and what my reasoning is. Please check this before you E-mail me new suggestions.

About Me
Here's a link to my personal home page, where you can see pictures of my beautiful cat Pan and listen to some of my original music. If anyone wants to chat with me in real time, stop by #6sWorld on EFnet IRC (yup, we've moved.... again.) I'm almost always there. :) My usual nick is `6.

For those of you who are for some mysterious reason unable to locate my E-mail on both the project page and my home page, it's number6@cox.net. I do read and respond to pretty much all my E-mail at this point, and if I'm home and awake will very likely do so almost immediately.

Project Page
The project page is here.

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